sei-uglTime and place:

The meeting took place in SEI UGL office in Rome, Via delle Botteghe Oscure, 54 – 00186, on September 30th, 2014, between 09:30 and 12:30.


  • Luciano Lagamba – President of Sindicato Emigranti Immigranti – Unione Generale del Lavoro (SEI UGL)
  • Alexandru Cosmin Codreanu – President of Institutul Pro Diaspora Romana (IPDR)
  • Ermanno Cece – Press Officer of Sindicato Emigranti Immigranti – Unione Generale del Lavoro (SEI UGL)

Main topics covered during the meeting:

  • Short presentation of IPDR and SEI UGL (objectives and activities);
  • Poor social and professional integration of Romanian community in the Italian society. Despite the fact that Romanians represent the biggest foreign minority in Italy, their number being close to 1 million, they suffer of a poor representation in relation with the Italian authorities;
  • Poor image of the Romanian community in Italy, one reason for this being the negative media campaign against Romanian immigrants;
  • Finding ways to reduce self-isolation and self-social exclusion of the low skilled immigrants. This is the root cause of depression and alcohol abuse among immigrants;
  • The utility of making a short movie about the risks associated with the emigration process (legal versus illegal emigration);
  • The possibility for the IPDR to organize an international conference in Bucharest to present its activities and projects to the Romanian diaspora and local authorities;
  • Adapt MyWorker – one of the SEI UGL projects – to the needs of Romanians interested to find a job in Italy; building a digital interface between local work force and Italian employers;
  • Ways to assist those refuges from Ukraine that ask asylum in Romania;
  • Advertise remigration to Romanian immigrants that do not have good life prospects in Italy;
  • Finding ways to involve more the Romanian authorities into delivering solutions to diaspora’s needs;
  • The role of inter-cultural mediators as interface between the immigrants and the local authorities and as facilitators of associative activities between immigrants and locals, a fast solution for social integration;
  • Advertising SEI UGL activities in Romania;
  • Creating a collaborative framework between SEI UGL and IPDR.


  • SEI UGL represents an example of good practices in the field of defending emigrants and immigrants’ rights. IPDR is interested in exchanging experiences and good practices with the Italian organization;
  • SEI UGL has the infrastructure and experience to identify the needs of Romanian immigrants in Italy;
  • IPDR has the ability to identify and map out the migration patterns and networks of the Romanian migrants to Italy; it can help potential Romanian immigrants to make an informed decision about immigrating to Italy;
  • IPDR promotes legal emigration;
  • The meeting was very useful for both organizations, being the first step toward establishing a collaborative framework between SEI UGL and IPDR.